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Galmet is one of the largest manufacturers of heating systems in Poland and exports its products to over 25 countries worldwide. The company is dynamically developing and consistently building its position since 1982 – from a small one-person workshop founded by the current CEO Stanislaw Galara, to one of the largest companies in the industry, employing over 700 people. Galmet is always at the forefront of innovation, creating Polish, technologically advanced, and eco-friendly heating systems for private households, public buildings, and industrial facilities. Available in multiple configurations, the heating systems guarantee maximum reliability, functionality, and efficiency. All our products can be configured into highly efficient hybrid heating systems.



GALMET BUFOR 500 litri akumulācijas tvertne izolēta + 2.s/m 2.5+1.4 m2

Ražotājs: GALMET
Modelis: 72-500000 siltuma akumulators Boileris SG(B)
*Cena: 832.15 €