Kolton company is a manufacturer of eco- heating boilers meet the requirements of the standard EN 303-5: 2012 and requirements of Eco Design. We have been in the heating boiler market for 38 years, which obliges us company to create products of the highest quality.

Our heating boilers are exclusively made from tried and tested materials. All our products are distinguished by their high functionality and aesthetic qualities. We focus on intensive development of production technology, for this purpose we constantly invest in our machine park. The domain of the company is the possession of modern machines, necessary for the processing of the material and thanks to it we are a manufacturer of C.O. boilers which fully owns the offered products.


ECO MATIX is a multi day heating boiler with a tray and an automatic fuel feeder. It is intended for the combustion of coal in the form of peas with granulation of 5-25mm, Fuel is burned in a retort burner with the participation of a blow-in fan with the feeder, thanks to special solutions, they enable smokeless combustion, low emissions and high efficiency of 91.4-94.7%. Advanced The controller controls the temperature of water in the boiler and directs the operation of the feeder, blowers, controls the operation of the mixing valve actuator, pumps and, optionally, can work with various types of room thermostats and Internet and GSM communication modules. An important advantage of the boiler is the plate construction of the exchanger, which in the rear has a special cleaning mechanism. This mechanism has two functions: it maintains the exchanger in proper purity and acts as a turbulent exhaust gas. The boiler thus achieves constant high efficiency. Optionally, the cleaning mechanism can be automatic, controlled and started automatically via the boiler controller. A patented special retort is a significant innovation in the boiler, improving the combustion process and limiting exhaust emissions Third generation Retoscroll, protected by three patents, cone-shaped with aeration holes and projections forming a helix. An important advantage of the boiler is also lining the Hearthwa chamber with ceramic in the form of special plates optimizing the combustion process. it can work in continuous mode without extinguishing during the heating season. The automation allows you to prepare hot water also in the summer. The heating boiler has obtained an ecological certificate IChPW confirmed by testsand meets the standards of EcoProject. Single-time filling with the fuel tank allows for a few days of unattended operation of the heating boiler c.o.

KOLTON ogļu apkures katls ECOMATIX 19kW

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Modelis: 5 class
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