METAL-FACH Heating Technology is a company involved in the manufacturing of high-class central heating boilers. We understand perfectly the needs of both our distributors and private customers, who are choosing the right heating system during house construction or renovation. Considering the diversity of our customers’ expectations, we offer boilers with diverse parameters. In the offer specially prepared by us, you will find boilers for pellet and eco-pea type fuels. We make every effort so that the central heating boilers that we offer, both boilers for biomass and eco-pea boilers, are products of the highest quality, with not only solid workmanship, but also high functionality and reliability. We also take care that the boilers that we offer are both eco-friendly and economic. We can say with pride that all of our boilers have declarations of conformity with PN-EN 303-5 2012 as well as class 5 and EcoDesign certificates!

SOKOL granulu apkures katls SMART BIO 25kW (L/K) PLUM PLATINUM

Ražotājs: SOKOL
Modelis: 20278050/20278060
*Cena: 2830.50 €