The original soundproof sewage system Skolan-dB is a top quality plastic pipe system made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene. It is this material that provides the Skolan-dB with its excellent sound-insulation properties, thus creating ideal pre-requisites for forward-looking use in any area of building construction.







The thick-walled pipes and fittings, made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene, are extremely sturdy and hard-wearing. The top quality material withstands even extreme conditions, such as chemically aggressive waste or long lasting flow of  high temperature waste water.




In drainpipes, sound occurs which is transmitted by air and conducted by solids (i.e. as a result of waste water impacting the walls of the pipes), particularly in gravity-feed pipes in the region of  branch pipes and bends in the pipeline. The original soundproof pipe system Skolan-dB has excellent sound-absorption properties. The special molecular structure and extremely high molecular weight  come to bear here. Only the wall thickness and density of the original Skolan-dB guarantee genuine sound absorption - without any additional measures needing to be taken.


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Magnaplast trokšņu slāpējoša kanalizācijas caurule Ø 200 6,2/2000 mm

Modelis: 15486
Kods: DBEM 200/6,2/2000
*Cena: 60.77 €