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KK-POL  [general partnership] is a family company which was established in 1994. Since then KK-POL has been building its position in Polish market as a producer of sanitary equipment and accessories. At present, as an indisputable leader in manufacturing flush and inlet valves, the company is putting greater focus on developing the production of pre-wall installation systems.

KK-POL, owing to its two production plants in Poland manufacturing pre-wall installation systems and plates, took European markets by storm becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the sanitary ware market.

• Production Plant No. 1 in Stanisławów Pierwszy was launched in 2002. The plant, including the warehouse and the office area, was modernized and expended in 2007.

• Production Plant No. 2 in Majdan was launched in 2012. It covers an area of 10 000 m2, including 4 000 mof office area and manufacturing facilities. Starting up a new plant enabled the company to expand the range of products which then included not only valves and pre-wall installation systems but also toilet seats and cisterns. In 2016 the facility was enlarged by additional 20 000 mincreasing the company’s potential for development.




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