Great value wrench set including 3 of the most popular styles and sizes.

Catch "S" Swedish Pattern Wrench

Professional, all steel, drop forged Swedish pattern wrench for tough use and long service life.

S shaped jaws for secure gripping even on smooth pipes.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium tempered steel with powder coating for comfortable grip with knurled adjusting nut.

Catch "W" Water Pump Plier

Professional quality water pump pliers manufactured from tempered chrome vanadium steel and with hardened high wear resistant toothing.

Box joint construction with 7 locking positions for various pipe sizes, self locking "V" shaped jaws for a secure grip even on smooth pipes.

Comfortable powder coated handle with stop to prevent jamming.

  • 116005 S1" Pipe 47mm Maximum Capacity
  • 116010 S1 ½" Pipe 60mm Maximum Capacity
  • 116055 W240mm 1¼" Pipe Capacity


Roratslēga Catch-S 1", 1 1/2", W240 komplekts REMS

Ražotājs: REMS
Modelis: REMS Catch-S
*Cena: 76.40 €