Dear customers,

Brand of Roltechnik you can already find in Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Austrian, Croatian or other European households, with contented shower and bath users. Increasing numbers of our customers are choosing the most advanced facilities from our “wellness” category - hydro-massage bathtubs and steam boxes - in their bathrooms.

But it doesn´t mean, that we have forgotten our main business strategy, consisting of fact, that we are able to fulfill any wish or request of our customers. In the range of our brand products it is possible to find solutions for any kind of bathroom, including non-standardized items.

By development and making our products consideration to the environment is a matter of course. Roltechnik company is a holder of quality
and environmental management certificates to international standards (EN ISO 9001 a14001).

Roltechnik akrila vanna MINI 1600x700 L/R

Ražotājs: Roltechnik
Modelis: Roth N-8000073 / N-8000074 160x70
*Cena: 177.85 €